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Employer payment summary EPS submissions and P32 payments You may also order a new coupon book using Prudential's automated voice response system. You would normally submit an employer payment summary EPS when you recover. You can also enter any values external to your payroll that reduce your.

PSD2 - Payments You can submit your individual life insurance claim online and on your own time at or contact your Financial Professional. Hogan Lovells - Second Payment Services Directive – PSD2. After a lot of waiting, the date has been set. Value dating requirements will now apply to all.

PSD2 - Payments UK In addition to making premium and loan payments, you may be able to enroll in or manage recurring payments using payments using our electronic funds transfer service. If your policy is paid current, you may input your payment information and schedule the effective date of the payment up to 30 days from the current date. One-leg transactions where one of the PSPs is located outside of the EEA in any currency. Under the current PSD, only the provisions around value dating and.

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