Dating someone three years younger than you

Is it OK to date someone three or four years younger than you But even so, if you keep skirting the accepted minimum, you mht consider widening the pool to older potential partners. Can you date someone 2 years younger than you when your 12. Would mindless behavior date a girl that is four or three years younger than them? Yes They Wouldd.

Would you rather Date someone 10 years older than you? The basic gist of the story - she's looking to get married within the next few years, and she's approaching 30 soon. However, we are a pretty good fit for each other sans age difference, and it's obviously an issue we'll have to deal with as time goes on. Socially, it's become a bit more acceptable than in earlier times, but still - very tough to say. Line Date someone 10 years younger than you. i'm already dating someone who is 3 years younger,than me. 1 month ago.

Girls, Would you date someone, 3 years younger than you. Men are more likely to broach the "zone of non-creepiness" for casual flings and sexual fantasies, but they actually look for women who are older than the minimum set by the half-plus-seven rule when they are thinking of marriage and serious relationships. Girls, Would you date someone, 3 years younger than you. asked under Dating

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